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Bushfire Threat Assessment. read more

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These services aim at satisfying the legislative requirements for bushfire prone development, increasing the resilience of properties and enhancing the ability of a building to act as a safe refuge in the event of bushfire attack.

Note: Our bush fire consultants have completed the Graduate Diploma in Design for Bush Fire Prone Areas (University of Western Sydney).




Bushfire Threat Assessment top
An assessment of the vegetation, slope, aspect, FDI and prevailing fire runs to determine the overall level of threat to your property .


Bushfire DA & Compliance Reports top
For all infill, subdivision or ‘special fire protection purpose’ developments within bushfire prone areas to ensure that your development satisfies the relevant legislation.


Existing Property Bushfire Upgrade top
A bushfire assessment and recommendations made to increase the bushfire resilience and refuge capabilities of an existing property.


Bushfire Risk Management Plans top
A detailed bushfire risk report for SFPP developments (i.e. hospitals; schools; nursing homes; tourist accommodation etc) located within bushfire prone areas.


Bushfire Evacuation Plans top
A bushfire emergency evacuation plan that addresses your specific risk and outlines a clear and effective set of procedures to be implemented in response to a bush fire event